Brunch Time!


To start a day in the ”good life style” we decided to go for a brunch to “m. Henry” caffe.

 Restaurant is open only for a breakfast and a lunch till 3 pm.

m.henry offers globally inspired, new American style cooking. Meals are nicely presented, the combination of healthiest cooking methods with organic products. Very colorful look and a delicious taste. Honestly, it exceed our expectation. It’s an American kitchen but you can feel an European flavor which makes this place an unique venue. We decided to evaluate this place.
Our scale
1.Food 5/6
2.Service(behavior of the waitresses, waiting time for a meal) 6/6
3. Décor of the restaurant 5/6
4.The overal atmosphere 5/6
5. Bonus(an additional advantage) they have a nice patio, where you can enjoy a beautiful morning… 4/6

DSC_5675DSC_5706DSC_5681DSC_5725DSC_5760 kopiaDSC_5730 kopiaDSC_5751DSC_5760 kopia-kopia

We rode there by bicycles and on our way we have captured m. Henry neighborhood.

Have a Good Day! :)

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One thought on “Brunch Time!

  1. Good life indeed! Your shots are so inviting, I wish I was actually there to enjoy the ambiance and savour the dishes.

    Looking forward to reading more from Step to The Good Life. Cheers

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